How to Choose the Best Career Path

  • Self-Assessment : One must attempt to learn about oneself in terms of interests,
    aptitude, values, soft skills, and personality type.
  • Prepare a List of Career Options : Prepare a list of careers appealing to you
    based on your interests and those are a good fit for you. Also include the career
    options you know a bit about and those about which you don’t know much too.
  • Explore the List of Career Options : Gather basic information about each of the
    career option in your list in the form of job opportunities in that domain and
    educational training required for the same. One should also look for higher study
    options in the same domain.
  • Narrow Down the List of Options : Based on the information gained in the
    previous step, narrow down the list of options by eliminating the options you are
    not interested in pursuing.
  • Gather Concrete Information : Meet people working/teaching the area you are
    interested in and gather concrete information of the option in which you are
  • Finalize your Career Option : Finalize the option now which you find most
    satisfactory for you and you wish to pursue as a career.
  • Define Goals : Define your long as well as short term goals. Long term goals
    include completing the education required to pursue your choice as a career and
    short-term goals could be applying to right university, training, internship, and
  • Develop an Action Plan : Develop an action plan laying down the steps to follow
    to achieve short term and in turn long turn goals. It should also incorporate the
    plan to avoid/resolve any hindrances in your way.

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